Everywhere and Nowhere

There comes a point in most projects where we talk about promoting through social media. It’s a great platform to connect with your audience.

Often at this point a client will list off five or six of the most popular platforms that they want to use. “We want to be omnipresent.”

I then ask the tough questions: “How much time do you have for this? Do you have a dedicated staff member to manage all these channels?”

Being omnipresent takes time and resources.

And often the investment is not worth the return.

To reach more people it can be tempting to get onto more social media channels. After all, that’s logical. And you saw that young woman speak at that conference and she had some excellent case studies showing how beneficial they can be.

But each channel needs to be planned and executed well. Doing a poor job across a wide number of channels is simply a way to become ineffective in more places.

If you have limited time or resources, concentrate on the one channel where the best opportunities for you are.

Put more time and effort into less places.

The quality and energy in your interactions will be higher. You will be present and memorable to smaller circle. The impact you make will be deeper and long-lasting.

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