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The power of the digital marketing revolution is that it brings you in touch with so many people, so easily.

If you get it right, your message can be seen by thousands, even millions of people.

And if they feel a connection with your unique voice – well, that’s gold. You could end up with more enquiries than you know what to do with.

Actually, I mean that semi-seriously.

Some people get too many enquiries.

It’s a problem that the rest of the business world looks at with envy, but it is a problem nonetheless.

If you were to see your clients double, could you keep up? What about triple? Or grow by 10x?

Growing your client base comes with the responsibility of giving them all your best service.

Without a clear plan of how to grow the delivery side of your business, all those new enquiries will end up underserviced and unhappy.

This is why a marketing strategy that suits you and your business is required – so that you can set targets and plan accordingly. Your systems and capabilities need to grow along with your client base. Your marketing strategy must be integrated within a complete business growth plan.

At the end of the day, it’s not how many people have heard of your brand that matters. It’s how many people have experienced the great services you provide.

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