Hi, I’m James. I live in that place where sparks are created at the intersection of people and technology.

Did you know that every single day, normal small business owners are using the web in exciting ways to reach and influence their audience like never before possible? This is an amazing time to be alive.

Effective marketing is all about communication. New ways to communicate mean more powerful marketing.

If you’re ready to start being more effective online, and by that I mean by connecting with more of your ideal clients, then you’re in the right place.

What do I know about this?

Well, I’ve been in the web industry now for over 15 years. (In the online world, that’s a long time.)

Before building Choc Chip Digital into a successful digital marketing agency I studied journalism, and then design, so my original loves are words and visuals. It took me several years to see the common thread of communication – words and design convey meaning and ideas. And the web is this exciting, fluid medium that is taking words and design and ideas and shaking them up until they explode into something new.

Over the years of creating these communication explosions I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t.

And then there’s the things that used to work, but don’t any more.

As a digital marketer I use this experience to help my clients get the results they want to online.

I do this through my book, by speaking at events, by implementing the Digital Impact Program and running my marketing agency, and by simply talking with people.

Education is great, but it’s not enough

I love training. I love helping people understand new concepts, and I love the zing of excitement that zaps through someone when they get that bolt of inspiration and realise a new fact that will solve a problem for them.

But the thing is, information by itself doesn’t lead to success.

Success follows action.

That’s why I also help people create assets, overcome obstacles, build their businesses and ultimately gain the success they want.

The time is now

There has never been a better time to reach and influence your audience.

There has never been such an abundance of ways to take action and see success.

The leaders who position themselves to take advantage of the current opportunities are reaping massive rewards.

If you need to get more leads online, let me know what it is you’re struggling with. I’ll be able to help.

My vision is to see professionals leveraging online opportunities like they were born to do it. To save time, earn more, and to feel more confident of their success with every new enquiry they receive.

James Crook

James is a fantastic presenter. I have not heard many that can engage their audience in meaningful discussion during their presentation and not get lost along the way. James has the ability to stay on message, whilst presenting to the audience in a clear and articulate fashion.

– Gretchen Gibson, Surf Coast Shire

At all times James is positive, insightful and supportive. He willingly shares his knowledge and experience to get the best results for you. My website has only been live for 5 months and yet I have site visits from 5200 users coming from 91 countries! James has ensured my consultancy is displayed to the world professionally and creatively thus attracting many clients.

– Maxine Driscoll, Think Strategic

James has presented a number of seminars and workshops for Small Business Smart Business, and I’ve always found him to be organised and professional. James has the ability to take complex concepts and present them in a way that the participants can not only understand but also know how the concepts apply in their business.  We have always received outstanding feedback from attendees, with everyone feeling that they’ve learnt something they can use immediately to improve their business.

– Liz Grant, Small Business Smart Business