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Rookie Success

As she was telling me about her new business, her eyes lit up. She had seen an early success gaining a large client and it had propelled her forward with enthusiasm, proving to her that the business world was exciting and success possible. But as she’s built up her experience, knowledge, and skills it seems […]

The evils of no-reply email

Imagine you’re in a department store. As you walk down the shoe aisle looking for the brown suedes you saw in the catalogue, a staff member catches your eye and speaks to you. “Apologies, the catalogue shoe range is not in this area.” Useful information, but not enough. So you say, “Thanks. Where can I […]

How many perfect niches do you need?

There are 6 billion people in the world. Each one of us is unique, with our own experiences, friends, families, lives, struggles, desires. Our own desires. Each of us wants something, making each of us a unique niche, the most micro of niches possible. As business owners and entrepreneurs, the difficulty is that each of […]

Trusting Pareto

We hear it all the time: less is more. Lighter interfaces have been made sexy by Apple. People who think about only one task at a time get more done. Eating less is healthier for our bodies. We even hear “less is more” being used to excuse wearing ever-smaller bathers at the beach. Pareto was […]

Last touch gets the glory

Recently, while I signed up for a relatively pricey software package, the sales person insisted that I sign up with an email address I hadn’t used before when dealing with them. It seemed like a funny request, but I gave him one of my nickname emails and went ahead with the purchase. It wasn’t until […]

How to create a sense of “Reveal”

Reality TV is ripe with programs that build a story around their characters as the season progresses. Whether it’s home renovators, singers or amateur chefs, these shows all have two things in common when telling a story that keeps us watching. Firstly, they set up tension between characters as they put people into unlikely scenarios […]

Are you ready to serve?

The power of the digital marketing revolution is that it brings you in touch with so many people, so easily. If you get it right, your message can be seen by thousands, even millions of people. And if they feel a connection with your unique voice – well, that’s gold. You could end up with […]

You are who Google says you are

When I was young*, it used to be that if you wanted to know something about that new girl in class, you had to ask her close friends. They would pass your questions through and return with answers only if they thought it suited the girl in question. It was hard to get information about […]

Everywhere and Nowhere

There comes a point in most projects where we talk about promoting through social media. It’s a great platform to connect with your audience. Often at this point a client will list off five or six of the most popular platforms that they want to use. “We want to be omnipresent.” I then ask the […]

Objectives drive tactics

I follow a friend of a friend on Facebook who runs a personal health business that is more like a hobby. She seems to change what she offers every few months, focussing on something new and raving about how good it is. She’s also inconsistent with where she promotes her services: sometimes she’s very active […]