Build a mountain of value

Jane the interior designer has just started out, she’s talented and creative and personable and will make any new clients very happy.

But Jane only has a Facebook page. Even though she posts to it a few times a week, she finds it very hard to get enquiries. The phone simply doesn’t ring, and if things don’t change soon Jane will have to look for other work.

Tanya the building designer has also started recently and already has a number of happy clients. She has helped each one design an environmentally sound extension for their family home. Tanya is on Facebook too, and also has a website, a blog, and a short video series she produced that shows some of the simple ways homeowners can reduce their power usage.

Jane is struggling, while Tanya always seems to have the next couple of projects lined up in advance.

Why is there such a difference when they are both new, in the same neighbourhood, with a similar client base, and both talented at what they do?

The difference is clear when you look at the client journey.

How do clients see and experience each of these professionals?

A potential client might start with a referral from a friend, or by seeing some posts on Facebook. There is no substantial difference between both business owners when we look at the initial reach of their marketing.

But what happens next?

For Tanya’s clients, they can visit her website, read her blog, sign up and watch a useful video series. They’ll see Tanya’s face, hear her voice, follow her lead and experience some results.

This builds a high level of trust in Tanya as a person.

And people buy from people they like and trust.

Contrast this to Jane. A potential client here will see a Facebook post and might be interested. But making a phone call to enquire is too much commitment this early on, there’s so much about Jane that they don’t know. And they have nowhere to go next to experience who she is.

Instead, they scroll past and move onto the next thing without a second thought.

So when you create a blog post, or a video, or an ebook, or any other piece of important content – every time – you are increasing the value a potential client can experience from you before they take the next step and engage you.

The more content you provide, the better it is. It’s like building a mountain of value, and you’re standing on the top.

The higher you build your mountain of value, the more you’ll stand out.

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