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25 Apr 2012
Apartment for sale - Hotham Hellcat

We're selling our apartment at Mt Hotham so that we can buy a proper house to live in here in the Grove. But it's been on the market for over 12 months and the agents don't seem to be doing much.

So I thought I'd have a shot at it. Write some funny (hopefully) copy and see if the interwebs can get more people to look at it than our agent has.

The site is hothamhellcat.com. It starts like this: "...

10 Apr 2012
Free PBX administration screen

Here is a simple to-do list of what you'll need to do to set up Free PBX with multiple phone lines in a small-office style configuration. Free PBX is part of the Plug PBX system.

Adjust your settings

When you visit the IP address of your Plug...

03 Feb 2012

In order to connect VOIP phones to my Dreamplug PBX I need to make my device have a static IP on the local network.

By default the device will be given an IP automatically. Type 'ifconfig' to see the current setup. Pay attention to the important information as some of this will need to be replicated correctly once we are managing...



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