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James and Toby

Who am I?

Like most people in this world I wear many different hats relating to the various spheres of my life. Each hat brings its own passions and intrigues. This website is a place for these spheres to collide as I write about the things I love.

Talking myself up

This site is mostly about things I'm interested in, but occasionally a potential client may come across it. So this, below, is a sales pitch for myself.

Some info about me

I run Choc Chip Digital, a studio that specialises in website design and internet marketing for small to medium enterprise. We also work with government departments, tourism bodies and other membership organisations to help them communicate with consumers and stakeholders.

We have a strong belief in usable design that encourages clear communication and makes your online presence perform as part of your marketing strategy. Our Choc Chip website has more information on our services and will give you an idea of the benefits we bring to our clients.

I personally do most of the consulting work with our clients, meaning I have experience with literally hundreds of websites and work with the owners to make sure their sites perform the function they were meant to within their businesses.

I also speak at events and do training on web communication and have presented workshops for:

  • Geelong Otway Tourism
  • Tourism providers at Tourism Geelong events
  • Staff in several different departments of The Gordon TAFE
  • Environmental Defenders Office Victoria
  • Victorian Caravan Parks Association
  • Christian Resource Expo in Sydney on 'Getting your Church online'

I appear on local community radio in a tech segment and I also still teach a number of web, writing and design classes at the Gordon TAFE in both Award and Specialist courses. I sat on a panel recently for the Geelong Chamber of Commerce on 'Improving your visibility online'.

Benefits to you

I can help your project in several respects:

  1. Help you and your team look at the range of possibilities online and define the key purpose of your online presence
  2. Create an online communication strategy to identify what your website needs to do and which other online channels will help fulfil that purpose
  3. Guide the design and implementation of your website and extended presence to fulfil the strateg
  4. Train you and your staff on general web best practices and how to use your specific site effectively

For work enquiries it's best to call me via Choc Chip on +61  5234 5360 or email info@chocchip.com.au