Who is the hero in your story?

When you tell the story of your brand you are showing people what you care about, who you work with, and the problems that you solve.

Who is the hero of this story?

It would be easy to think that the hero is you, the solver of problems, the rescuer.

But for your audience, the story is not about you. They are each living their own story with themselves at the centre. To them, you are simply an extra on stage, or at most a short sub-plot.

Picture Sophie, a small business owner running a busy bakery. She achieves a lot in her day, between getting the kids to school, ordering stock, running the staff roster and dealing with late suppliers.

Your service solves a problem for Sophie, which she’s thankful for, and willing to pay for. But once that solution is in place her mind will continue with everything else she’s got to do for the day.

Recognising your true place in Sophie’s story enables you to play that part with distinction.

The hero of your brand story is your client.

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