The star of your story

Some brands focus very much on products. Think of Dyson or John Deere.

Other brands are built around a person. Picture Jamie Oliver.

The same is true in small business, although you might not see it so explicitly. The coffee in your local cafe is great. Or is it the high-energy conversation of Noel the barista that brings you back?

Now this time, picture Jenny, a health consultant and nutritionist.

Jenny is a service professional, and basically Jenny and her skills are her entire business. When Jenny’s clients book in, it’s her they will see.

So why do Jenny and so many service professionals like her try to hide their personality? They use the “royal we” on their website and social material, the main photos are from stock, and service descriptions are generic. If Jenny does have a photo of herself on her site, it’s hidden in the “about” page and it’s small and blurry.

I believe Jenny does this to try to appear more professional … but instead, she appears more “product” than “person”.

Now picture your business for a second, and how it is presented to a potential client who is seeing it for the first time. Can they see who you are? Can they picture you personally, get to know you, begin to trust you?

Your personality and human-ness are an advantage, especially if you are the key figure within your business.

You are the star of your story, so tell it that way with confidence.

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