When bad search results happen to good people

Most people who have a website expect that they will appear in Google if someone is searching for them.

And most do appear, if the person searching uses their business name.

But what if the searcher doesn’t know your name and instead searches for the service you do? For example they search for “podiatrist in South Melbourne” rather than “Best Foot Forward podiatrist”.

Appearing in Google for more generic searches for your services is gold because it means you are appearing in front of people right at the time they are looking for what you do.


But not easy.

And sometimes, despite your best efforts at creating content, adding value to your visitors, and generally doing the right thing – sometimes, you still don’t appear well.

Why does this happen?

Firstly, we know that Google looks at more than just your content when it decides where to rank your site in its results.

It also looks at your domain authority. This is Google’s rating it gives every website and every page with its own measure of “importance”. The higher your domain authority score, the more important Google thinks you are, and the higher you appear in search results.

Domain authority has many factors and Google doesn’t tell us what they all are, but it’s clear that backlinks are among the most important. A backlink is where another site on the internet has a link on it that leads to your site. Every one of these backlinks is seen by Google’s algorithm as a vote for your authority, especially if they are from other high-authority sites.

So build more backlinks!

But also, take a step back and a look deep down inside yourself.

Marketing is not an end in itself but is about the results that it gets. If appearing naturally in search results is becoming a difficult path, maybe it is time to consider something else that could be more straightforward.

If you’d like to chat to see what options might suit you best, contact me.

Google is great. And there is gold elsewhere too.

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