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Selling our "Hotham Hellcat"

25 Apr 2012

Apartment for sale - Hotham Hellcat

We're selling our apartment at Mt Hotham so that we can buy a proper house to live in here in the Grove. But it's been on the market for over 12 months and the agents don't seem to be doing much.

So I thought I'd have a shot at it. Write some funny (hopefully) copy and see if the interwebs can get more people to look at it than our agent has.

Set up Free PBX on Plug PBX

10 Apr 2012

Free PBX administration screen

Here is a simple to-do list of what you'll need to do to set up Free PBX with multiple phone lines in a small-office style configuration. Free PBX is part of the Plug PBX system.

Adjust your settings

When you visit the IP address of your Plug PBX you are presented with a menu page that allows access to various parts of the PBX system. The link to 'FreePBX Administration' will send you to the main administration screen.

How to set a static IP address in Debian

03 Feb 2012

In order to connect VOIP phones to my Dreamplug PBX I need to make my device have a static IP on the local network.

By default the device will be given an IP automatically. Type 'ifconfig' to see the current setup. Pay attention to the important information as some of this will need to be replicated correctly once we are managing these settings ourselves.

My Dreamplug is running Debian. To configure a static IP in Debian you edit the file /etc/networking/interfaces

There is a line that will say:

Iface eth0 inet dhcp

Installing PlugPBX on the Dreamplug

30 Jan 2012

Now that we've successfully connected to our Dreamplug we need to take a step back and load some software on it before we connect again. The Dreamplug can boot from SD card and that is what we want to do here, and the easiest way to do this is to load a disk image onto our SD card before putting it into the Dreamplug.

Connecting to the Dreamplug on Windows 7

27 Jan 2012

Dreamplug I'm using as a PBX

I am going to write a series of posts showing the process I am going through as I turn my Dreamplug into a PBX. I'm basing the software on PlugPBX and (just for extra points) doing it all from Windows 7. However, I'm no expert so please correct me where I'm wrong below and share your experiences too - we can learn together.


26 Jan 2012

Dreamplug with box

Dreamplug side view

Dreamplug side view

Dreamplug connected to JTAG

The Dreamplug is the most recent incarnation of what are known as 'plug computers' - so called due to their small size, not much larger than a standard power supply unit.

A plug computer has several advantages for low-powered uses like web serving or file sharing: it's silent, small and draws very little power. And despite its size it can run a media server or PBX (phone system, more on this soon) without trouble.

More information on plug computers:

Video conversion: ogv to mp4

31 Aug 2011

HandBrake software screenshot

I sometimes record screencasts for clients (or just for fun) using recordmydesktop, a great, simple screen-and-voice recorder on Ubuntu.

It captures the screen and audio for a selected area and outputs it to an .ogv file. This file views fine on my own computer, but Windows users and others often have trouble with it, and it's also quite a large file size by default.

Creating a static version of a dynamic site

28 Feb 2011

VIM screenshot

I recently needed to create a static version of a dynamic ColdFusion site.

The client no longer needed access to the legacy ColdFusion CMS running the website but wanted to retain access for the public while moving the site to the server that runs their other (PHP) websites. I didn't make the CF site but the client wanted me to make the static version.

Tricky, but I found a method that works well.